The 4Es

National General is a fast paced, dynamic, and entrepreneurial organization. Our employees live by and exemplify what we call the 4Es. At National General, we are Energized, Engaged, Empowered, and we Execute every day in order to provide an exceptional experience for our customers!

  • Our culture will revolve around the FOUR Es – Engaged, Energized, Empowered, and Execute.
  • Employees must be Engaged, questioning and challenging what we do and why, and looking for better ways to do it every day. Complacency and “because that is how we have always done it,” does not exist in the vocabulary.
  • We must be Energized and excited and push ourselves and our colleagues to do more every day.
  • Empowered employees are decision makers that are comfortable making mistakes because they know they will learn and grow from them.
  • Lastly, if we don't Execute every day, we will fail. It is that simple.

We are passionate about our organization and the value that we add every day. A successful candidate with National General will embody the 4Es. Our team is poised to outperform the competition.


Engaged in the overall success of the company and is always looking for a better way to address what we do as well as why and how we do things.


Energized and pushes themselves and colleagues to do more every day.


Exhibits Empowerment through the willingness to take initiative and leadership, accepting additional responsibilities beyond regular job duties or assignments while making a positive impact on the company as a whole.


Executes and follows through on commitments while going above and beyond, exceeding the expectations of those internally and externally.

What We Value

Opportunity Assurance.

You’re appreciated for the diversity of ideas and unique skills you bring to National General Insurance because they are essential to our success. Hard work and dedication are among your greatest strengths and it shows. Working here means you have the opportunity to be part of an empowering professional environment where all employees are valued for their unique talents and contributions.







A Culture of Leadership

Your Entrepreneurial Spirit, Our Team Atmosphere.

Employees of National General Insurance are engaging, entrepreneurial in spirit, and rich in self-confidence because of the supportive environment that surrounds them. You’ll be energized by the positive recognition and encouragement that are shared across the company. Each day you’ll be surrounded by empowered individuals who understand how to execute and deliver extraordinary results.

Culture of Leadership